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Vizzit was developed for people to have memorable experiences of places they visit, by connecting them to locations with short engaging stories. It is a location-aware mobile storytelling platform for tourist destinations and brands to engage visitors and guests with curated, branded experiences about places they love. The experiences are co-created, place-based stories shared on smartphones as guides or tours of popular or historic sites, recommended restaurants, shops, and excursions.

“No doubt, this is how future generations will remember our natural lands. It’s a brilliant idea and the platform could not be better designed for the diverse communities we serve. The Vizzit team made the daunting possible and our large vision a practical reality – today! This is just the beginning.”
Linus Eukel, Executive Director, John Muir Land Trust
“It’s been a joy and a privilege to support the development of these smartphone tours over the past few years. The tours provide exciting opportunities for participating organizations to inform, engage and expand their audiences in new and fun ways.”
Doug McConnell, Host and Producer, Open Road with Doug McConnell
“Totally awesome! The quality of your product is superb, I cant wait to share it with our guests!
Michael Baer, General Manager, Stanford Court Hotel
“The Vizzit team worked with us to create an innovative and engaging tool for the San Francisco Bay trail that provides an entirely new way to learn about destinations along the shoreline. The team’s passion for story telling is evident in the sophisticated, flexible and informative tours they create.”
Laura Thompson, Project Manager, San Francisco Bay Trail

Want to connect with your visitors? contact us