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Vizzit is a location-aware, mobile storytelling platform for destinations and regional publishers to increase revenue, readership, and engagement by sharing stories about the places they love as free, self-guided experiences on smartphones. Vizzit’s platform helps publishers enhance their business model with interactive, place-based content, and helps advertisers reach audiences anywhere, at the right place and time.

Create Tours & Stories on Vizzit

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Tours are a collection of stories that connect users to places they visit by creating memorable experiences. They can be developed for locals to explore their neighborhood, tourists visiting a new area or hikers on a trail.
Stories are short scripts associated with locations. These can stand alone or grouped as tours. Each story is triggered by GPS in it’s intended location. Short teasers at the end of each story get users excited for what’s next.
Audio keeps users in the moment not on the phone. It also conveys the tone of the tour whether irreverent, didactic or playful. Images help tell the stories, and can depict flora and fauna, historical figures or interesting sites along the tour.