Engage Audiences Anywhere with Branded Stories

Your brand becomes the host by engaging consumers with self-guided experiences about storied places and popular events.  Vizzit is an experience-based app that combines the power of storytelling and location-based marketing in an easy-to-use platform. 


For Storytellers

Vizzit also works for local storytellers and regional publishers of authentic content to compliment their print and digital offerings, and improve their bottom line. 


the app


Users simply download the free Vizzit app to their smartphone, select the sponsored tour experience they wish to follow, and proceed at their own pace.

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Audio, images and text are automatically triggered during the guided experience as they reach the points-of-interest. 


key features


Promote your brand through self-guided experiences around interesting places and events, festivals, and conferences. Host, engage and activate audiences with sponsored stories and measure ROI with metrics from awareness to action.

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Measure Results

Quickly measure your own marketing efforts and metrics to determine how effective your ROI is at every step, and adjust and measure how you’re doing to improve your results and returns. 

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Promote Your Brand

Host your self-guided experiences on Vizzit to promote your brand, product or service in a natural and friendly way and improve conversions and your bottom line. 

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Broaden Your Audience

Expand your reach to a wider audience in a fun way with a user-experience that simply makes sense. 



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